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WickedNinjaGames - 7 Days to Die

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For detailed information on our servers and settings please check out our website here:

WickedNinjaGames Website


Server Features (Not an exclusive list)
Official and unofficial events
Player supporter ranks and rewards
Chat in-game with friends on Discord
In game Currency, Rewards and Shop
Dedicated hardware
Regular backups
View a real-time map on our website


Server Settings
Map size 8K
Map seed wickedninjagames
Game difficulty 2
Max players 30
Day/Night length 90 minutes
No killing
Airdrop hours 72
Airdrop marker on
Loot respawn days 14
Normal zombie speed walk
Night zombie speed sprint
Land claims 3
Claim decay time 30 Days
Claim protection 100%

All mods are server side and do not need to be downloaded


PvE Map - Steam - Reset 02/02/2021
East Rebixu County - steam://connect/7d1.wngplay.com:26900


PvE Mods
3 Slot forge
12 Slot crafting queue
96 Slot backpack
Server Side Zombies
Lockable inventory slots
Improved HUD
Better supply drops
Craft Acid
Log Spikes
Improved loot tables
Car respawns
Additional vehicle seats


Any questions? Come and chat:
WickedNinjaGames Discord
WickedNinjaGames Website

Or direct message me with any questions.

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