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Pc. Connectivity issues out of nowhere

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I have been playing on a server for a while,and randomly last night I started having connectivity issues.First my two friends we play together on this server started having really high ping and then I started lagging and having weird interactions and not being able to interact with chests, but my ping was the same.When I leave the player created areas I can loot and kill zombies it works fine,but I tried visiting another players home and the game had problems again,I seemed stuck in the air from their perspective.This problem only exists for me and my friends ,other people on the server play fine.


Things I`ve noticed are that I get stuck on the air when I`m loading a player created base or when I`m leaving one.It happened out of nowhere after we had build alot of things and at day 200 approximetly(2 irl hours per day,played since day 1)


Here is the server I`m playing on  https://7daystodie-servers.com/server/90576/


Thanks alot

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1 hour ago, Beelzybub said:

I connected to the server and LiteNetLib was disabled on the server. Sever admin enabled LiteNetLib which fixed the ping problem.

I can confirm that disabling LiteNetLib will tank server network performance.

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