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Mining tool player usage  

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  1. 1. What tools do you favor?

    • I use stone axe more than I probably should.
    • I use Iron Picks for a majority of the game.

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I'd like to see them rebalance the iron pick vs stone axe so that when you make the transition it is a more definite step up. When you first start finding iron picks it is usually best to just stick with your stone axe. Maybe a bonus vs stone or a stamina recovery buff while using it if you are level 20+ or something like that.

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I make the transition when I find a repair tool. Before that point, the difference is too small to bother, give up the universal tool and fill another inventory slot.

At that point, I am already able to craft iron pickaxes surpassing the stone ones and able to swing them continuously.

Not considering amount of mods as well as very unlucky stat rolls, as such early abundance of the former and occurence of the latter are edge cases.

I perceive both of them being in a their own good spot. Steel on the other hand...


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I smash rocks with my bare hands.   Totally.


On the real though, I tend to prefer keeping my blue bar for as long as I can.  I don't use iron until I can get my hands on a lot of coffee or beer.

Then when I feel I am comfortable enough, I'll go to Iron and stay there for most of the game until I get my grubbies on an auger and its smooth sailing from that point forth.


I only use Steel pick if I am actually playing on a tool focused build.

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