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Can't play with friends anymore. Too laggy. InvalidCastException GameDifficultyBonus

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Summary: After dozen of hours of playing with my friends (my friend was hosting the server) and all the sudden the game got too laggy, so laggy that we couldn't play anymore. My other friend and I (not the host) got the "InvalidCastException GameDifficultyBonus" error message on our console all the time.  The console command was opened upon joining with an error message that repeated itself constantly saying "[Date+time] ERR GetFloat: InvalidCastException GameDifficultyBonus. I noticed also that my game staged dropped to 0 (it was 80 I think). We have than 30+ hours playing with no mods


Game Version: Alpha 19.3

Platform: PC 

OS/Version: Windows and my other friends MAC

CPU Model: ryzen 7 3700x

System Memory: 16gb

GPU Model and VRAM: nvidia rtx 2060 super

Screen Resolution: 1920x1080

Video Settings: Ultra

Game mode: Mp client (me and my other friend having the same issue)


Did you wipe old saves? No

Did you start a new game? No

Did you validate your files? Yes

Are you using any mods? No

EAC on or off? Off


Below is my log (I had to edit my log because the [Date+time] ERR GetFloat: InvalidCastException GameDifficultyBonus was taking thousands of lines)



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The error is a result of a cascade from another issue that most likely originates from corrupt or modded files on the host. Both of you need to run a verify at least twice after you ensure that the client is properly excluded from security software.

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