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Great White North Servers! Fully dedicated hardware


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-= The Great White North =- | PVE | One Ravenhearst and one Darkness Falls server


The servers have been around for over 5 years now.  I have been around since early alpha and have over 14,000 hours of play time. Plus, plenty of experience with admining a server.


Fully dedicated server, not using VM's. (Ryzen 7 1800X, 32GB RAM, FAST Storage)

Canadian Hosted, good pings for all of North America (and even good for the UK it turns out :) )

Since nothing else is running on this computer, the 7 Days servers have full use of the CPU.

Automated server reboots to maintain stability.

Discord server

Botman Server Manager which has, to name a few:


  • Custom waypoint teleports for every user
  • several locations players can teleport to. Some just fun, some useful
  • A custom /lobby location that is 100% safe from zombies
  • /lobby location has workbenchs, forges, etc.
  • /lobby also has traders, a place for player vending machines, and MORE!
  • A lottery system everyone can play to win in game currency to be used in the shop
  • Gimmie command is both fun and scary! Will you get good loot, or a nasty zombie! :)
  • Extra cheat protection above and beyond EAC
  • Base protection that will bounce players not on your friends list away from your base
  • Extra rewards for donators. More waypoints, a second /setbase command, and more gimmies! And more!
  • And more!


We run maps usually of 8K, but sometimes larger.

Server owner and admins are active and online daily. We have two servers to run, so if we aren't in one, you can always catch us on Discord!


We are experienced, have great server hardware, fun, and all around just like to have a good time!


Join us on Discord @ https://discord.gg/CseFaRD


The Great White North - Ravenhearst

Server IP: Port: 27000


The Great White North - Darkness Falls - super hard settings

Server IP: Port: 26900


We look forward to seeing you there!

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