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Big Backpack Mod (96 slots) not picking everything up after death

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Hello all, I have recently started a server through Nitrado and am using 10 different mods for the server currently. One of those mods is the big backpack mod which adds 96 backpack slots. However me and my entire server lose items whenever we die and go back to retrieve our backpacks. Usually we're able to pick up around 60 items and then the rest of the items just disappear including clothes and toolbelt items. I've tried multiple backpack mods and still we are losing items from dying.


Is this because I am using so many mods?


Any help would greatly be appreciated, thanks.

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Wrong forum section so I moved it. "Mods" is only for actual mod listing.


Without listing the mods and posting the log nobody can give you an answer that is more than a guess.


One guess though: Some mods need the clients to install the mods as well (because there are changes in the mod that are not transfered from the server). Backpack mods are examples of this, AFAIK


10 mods is a bit like russian roulette. If one of the mods is a big total-conversion-mod it is russian roulette with a derringer

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