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How to help fix/solve single player save errors or corruptions - make back ups


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I hope this helps in the future, I wrote a batch file that saves single player saves folders




Its creates a backup file of your single player folders with the current date and time, when ran (double clicked on)


It can be run as many times as needed, as it creates a whole new file each time, so that’s up to you on how many times you want to create backups of your single player, probably best once an hour


1st though you will need to install winrar for it to work, found at https://www.win-rar.com/start.html?&L=0


Winrar is used by a lot of people, and its free, don’t do the buy option, just use the download link


Then download this file http://www.mediafire.com/file/w7sv4lii3jgw4ju/SP-Saves.bat/file


Save it to your desktop or anywhere you like, and when run, it will create a backup of your single player files, in the same folder you put this file


If somehow your single player files get mucked up, and you ran this prog a bit earlier you can hopefully restore stuff


This is done by, double clicking on the created file, look at the file name


Year – month – day – time, note the time etc


You can then copy/replace over to where you single player files were/are


If anyone can improve on this batch file, please do so

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