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7D2D Steam dedicated server issue/question

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I set up a dedicated for 19.3 stable, I have hosted servers on my own for a group of friends for a long time now, on and off. I've never had an issue with it, but this time around one person out of 5 has trouble connecting to the server. I do have mods on it, but none that are game changing, and they work for others without them needing to have the mods for themselves.

The error hes getting - "NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object"


I'm not sure what do to, we have uninstalled game, deleted all files, reinstalled. Checked firewall allocations, i've edited port forwarding, ensured that the dedicated config .txt was LiteNetLib rather than SteamNetworking. As I said, it is working for myself and 4 others, its just one person that cannot connect.

Edit: It is probably worth noting that he is able to log into other servers without issue

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3 minutes ago, SylenThunder said:

The logs will have more details. Without that we're looking at roughly a million-to-one odds that I will guess the right solution.

Please take a look at the Pinned threads before you start a thread.

Apologies. I'll look over logs, and post in the appropriate section tomorrow.

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