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Modlet for removing some icons from the map

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Hi Guys, i am looking for a modlet that removes the bedroll and the landclaim icon from the ingame map, since they are in the way for me... I have searched everywhere in the files where this is being adressed... But to no avail!


So i was wondering if someone could write a small modlet using xpath's that removes those 2 icons from the map...


Thanks in advance!


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I gave it a look and I'm not seeing how to do it with pure XML either.  My guess is that the "class" of these blocks is special (SleepingBag and LandClaim) and the game uses them internally to make the icons on the map.  I base this partially on the fact that other bed blocks can act like a bedroll, so its not just the single bedroll block directly putting an icon on the map. My guess is that a DMT mod(der) might be able to do it?

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It worked! Thanks to Telric for guiding me into the right direction! I added the following 2 lines into the "HideonScreenSprites" Mod!


<remove xpath="/nav_object_classes/nav_object_class[@name='land_claim']/map_settings" />
<remove xpath="/nav_object_classes/nav_object_class[@name='sleeping_bag']/map_settings" />


Happy me! Thanks Telric!

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