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Snufkin's Jukebox




Customizable Jukebox that holds up to 16 songs. While the Jukebox can be crafted, the songs must be obtained.




The Jukebox itself can be placed as a vehicle. Upon placing it, it won't have any songs to play. To add songs you must obtain the 16 Jukebox Vinyl. They can be found in loot or bought from the traders. The Vinyl must be placed in the Jukebox's storage, upon which the song will be unlocked. If the Vinyl is removed the song will be locked again.




  • With an empty hand:
    • Primary Action, normal attack: Next Song.
    • Secondary Action, power attack: Previous Song.
    • To stop it, punch it while crouching.

Adding Songs.

  • The mod doesn't have any songs included. To add your own songs:
  • Open the "_Convert" folder inside the mod folder.
  • Copy up to 16 mp3 files to the "SONGS" folder.
  • Run "CONVERT".





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Oh yes, I can really appreciate Quality of Life mods while waiting on the forge to complete its smelt.


A drink for this one.



Forward to that one.



And back to work.



A really nice mod, thank you.


Here's a mistake I made that others should be aware of. After you bring your MP3s to the SONGS folder and perform CONVERT they will be converted to MP4 and moved to the Resources folder with a naming structure of song_1, song_2, etc. If you didn't add 16 in the first instance to bring it up to the maximum but add more songs later, delete all of your previous songs in the SONGS folder first as they will not overwrite their previous versions. These songs will be treated as new and added into the folder giving more than 16 with duplicates. It was my silly moment as I learn how it works so be aware of that.

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