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A19e Nitrogen - UNSTABLE


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10 hours ago, Ki11eM_G3N said:

Hey guys...


So i made a map with this for my server and if you walk around u have this wall all around you


Any reason for this?






I had that same problem. I think it came from having the wrong updated version of the compo packs. I got an updated version of it and it fixed it all for me.

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On 11/17/2020 at 12:11 PM, OmegaFerret said:


Okay, starting from a default 7dtd install, you go to the root 7dtd folder at c:\program files\steam\steamapps\common\7 days to die.

From there you open data, then prefabs. This is where you stick everything from the compopack archive folder called "PLEASE copy all files from this folder into your 7d-prefabsfolder" (over 2000 files).

Now go to wherever you put the NitroGen program. I stuck it on the desktop for convenience. Open that folder and then the resources folder. This is where you stick everything from the CompoPack archive folder called "Nitrogen-files" (only 3 files).

Make sure both times you are only putting the contents of the folders, not dragging the whole folder over.


To be able to make large maps (over 4k) go to the NitroGen folder and make a backup of the start.bat (or whatever it's called) file, then edit start.bat so that it says:

   java -Xmx12G -jar nitrogen.jar

Where the 12G is, put whatever you want as long as it is at least 4GB less than your physical RAM. So if you have 8G, put 4G. If you have 16G like me, put 12G. If you have more than 16GB, you can make it higher, but I've never seen NitroGen use more than 10GB on even the largest, most complex maps. And don't forget that you need 64-bit Java installed (not JavaScript).


When you want to make a map, use the edited start.bat file to start NitroGen.


In NitroGen, use the Open Output Folder and Open 7Days GeneratedWorlds Folder buttons, and in the second case you will have to dig 1 level deeper by opening the actual GeneratedWorlds folder. Then you can just copy your new world from Output Folder to Generated Worlds. If this sounds a little silly, it's not my fault.


Make sure you set the prefab list (top right under Advanced) to the appropriate selection with the drop-down (the latest is a19.1 cp 46, as far as I know at this moment), and set scenario (lower down) to none.


Try a few maps, check the previews, start a game in each. If you still have problems, come on back.


Edit: If you're having problems with the DL links at the beginning of this thread, poke me and I will see if I can help.


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On 11/13/2020 at 11:44 AM, GoatPunishment said:

I apologize if this has been discussed before... I've reviewed the last 15+ pages, and did not see anything similar.


Is there a way to create a custom prefab list using the specific prefabs found in an overhaul mod, e.g. War3zuk or ExcitusXtreme?  I've created a NitroGen map with CompoPack and used it in several War3zuk playthroughs, but it does not have the special versions of POIs that War3zuk has created for his mod.   I know I can just make random gen maps through the game, but it take forever and I cannot customize city size, biomes, etc.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.  And, please bear with me, if you can help, please "dumb it down hard" for an old foggy like me who is only barely computer literate.  Thanks!

You will probably have to hand edit your own prefablist.txt, combining the PoIs from Compo and whichever mod you want to use. But I don't know if either overhaul will properly recognize it even if you did it perfectly, I haven't messed with anything so arcane yet, just dippy stuff like trying to mate an underground PoI with an aboveground one and make them connect. It doesn't work well 😕


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Damocles, first i have to say, and this is no smoke, the Java generator is nearly a
perfect mirror of the random gen. You might actually try posting it on the asset store.
Different games would benefit from the flexibility. I paint my own terrain in PS, and
use Nitrogen to compile it regularly.


I do have questions, regarding now and how you intend to develop it in the future.

First is there a way for me to use specific colors, and paint 7DTD zones? For instance


//placement zone types:

<prefab rule="residentialOldGroup"/>
<prefab rule="residentialNewGroup"/>
<prefab rule="commercialGroup"/>
<prefab rule="downtownGroup"/>
<prefab rule="industrialGroup"/>
<prefab rule="ruralGroup"/>
<prefab rule="detailFillerGroup"/>

//houses ->
//hillbillytrailer, hillbillyjunk


The second in conjunction with the first is, How can i limit the amount of repetitions a
POI will have on a map, or in a city?


The last question is in regard to the future releases. Since you have figured how to get the
overhead roadway to spawn. Do you have any intension of having bridge POIs recognize, water
to land boundaries using biome color code and size recognition?


If so that ties back into my manual paint question, I would be able to place potential bridges
within cities or over waterways and strategically place POIs without dev mode.  Even if all answers

are no, this is still my go to for my TerraGen.


Thank you for creating it.

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11 hours ago, 4sheetzngeegles said:

The second in conjunction with the first is, How can i limit the amount of repetitions a
POI will have on a map, or in a city?

This would be nice to have. One time I got a map with 4 or 5 of the same prison PoI in the same city and 3 more in the nearest city adjacent.


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I think i read that TFP is working on something like it, using distance.


Looking at the way Damocles renders, then thinking about the pixel by pixel
.jar that edits biome colors.  It made me think that maybe custom colors
could be added via a list to assign either POI groups or individual POIs.
Then you could paint a probability layout using the DTM image as a base.


But it also made me think that if it could be coded for distance also, if you had
a map that was 8192 by 8192, and set the nearest distance to  duplicate to 8193,
then you would hypothetically limit the render of the POI or group to one instance
on a map.


I just made a map just to see the outcome. I reversed the thought process. The base
is desert, and two cities are forest, the rest are burnt and wasteland cities, the snow
i painted on elevated peaks. It makes for some serious initial searching to get to a calm
biome. There are 17 cities and 4 towns and only two are forest. I may switch desert base
to wasteland base just to see what happens.

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Hey guys, I made a 4k map for a small dedicated server on Host Havoc, but I can't ever get it to actually run. This is the log from the web console:

2020-11-23T23:10:20 43.959 INF Processing world files
IndexOutOfRangeException: Index was outside the bounds of the array.
  at Utils.LoadHeightMapRAW (System.String _filePath, System.Int32 w, System.Int32 h, System.Single _fac, System.Single _clampHeight) [0x00082] in <2a506ca37a4c4916bbc3a64b89a45697>:0 
  at ChunkProviderGenerateWorldFromRaw.loadDTM (System.String _dtmFilename) [0x00017] in <2a506ca37a4c4916bbc3a64b89a45697>:0 
  at ChunkProviderGenerateWorldFromRaw+<processFiles>d__27.MoveNext () [0x0009d] in <2a506ca37a4c4916bbc3a64b89a45697>:0 
  at UnityEngine.SetupCoroutine.InvokeMoveNext (System.Collections.IEnumerator enumerator, System.IntPtr returnValueAddress) [0x00027] in <5e1dfb686eb345078a588df96401afcc>:0 

(Filename: <2a506ca37a4c4916bbc3a64b89a45697> Line: 0)


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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This is just a guess but first check the directory structure


preview  "i left this as a reference this is a Nitrogen directory"
Region   "i left this as a reference this is a Nitrogen directory"
splat3_processed.tga  "Nitrogen"
splat4_processed.tga  "Nitrogen"


The main thing the error is pointing to is the DTM Raw file.
Is it there, is it named correctly?

Hope this helps


The custom dtm image you posted.   Is it PNG or JPG on your computer?

Png is the format normally used. In the GUI do you have it set on the right to use

Resources folder, and to use the   import_HM.png , Is your file spelled exactly like that

when dropped in the Nitrogen directory?

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So I know I asked this before, but Glass Deviant kinda buried it with his non sense answers and arguments with other members so I will ask it again.


Hey just wanna say I absolutely love Nitrogen, great job. I have a question regarding the highways. Is there a way to generate a map with the highway intact like no breaks/spaces, I love the idea of the highway on my map but is completely useless if the players cannot drive down it without falling through every kilometer or so. Hoping there is some setting I missed, I set roads to no damage but it still came in broken up. Any help would be appreciated.


and Glass Deviant before you even ask yes it is something I want, because I have a 10K map but have hundreds of players so things get torn up quickly on my map. I am one of the largest servers in the World. So before you start with the questions about not needing it because it forces me to go further from my spawn point etc. Well I would like to know if there is a way or if the Dev of Nitro could make a way to do this. Thanks for your concern though.


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2 hours ago, pipedream said:

So I know I asked this before, but Glass Deviant kinda buried it with his non sense answers and arguments with other members so I will ask it again.

First, no need to be rude.


Second, as I said, and maybe you missed that part, it is possible to restrict regeneration of PoIs to certain areas of the map. Salty Zombies does it, and from what I can tell they're the biggest, and apparently voted the best 5 years in a row, not just "one of" the biggest. So no, my answers aren't nonsense. You might try asking them directly. I did.


4 hours ago, Axebeard said:

Most of the map is covered in cities, so that might explain it, but still not sure what I can do. If anyone has a 4 or 8k map I can put on my server for a week, I'd appreciate it (vanilla POIs).

I'll see if I can dig up a non-compopack map. I might have a 6k one in my world folder.


Edit: Couldn't find an old one, but here's a brand new 8k vanilla A19 map fairly heavily covered in cities and towns: https://www.dropbox.com/s/uadvbt3j35gzlgn/NitroGenMap.rar?dl=0


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i need some help w/nitrogen... (i think i posted this before, back when i was still using the a18 version, but i've sinced moved onto the newest version damocles posted)


whenever I make maps, cities and towns always end up bunched together in one or two places or I end up with "strings" of towns all connecting to one another, or strings of towns connecting around the city causing one mega city/town that bogs my FPS down. I can rarely (and i mean rarely) get them to spread out. I've made a metric @%$# ton of maps (probably over a hundred) and only one or two have looked even remotely good. city traders also almost never end up inside the city (i have "just one" chosen for cities), and when they do, it's not just one (i have the "just one" setting chosen), but two or three in and around the city...


I feel like I'm doing something horribly wrong. my settings and previews of a couple of maps created with said settings are attached. 

(edit: added under a spoiler, I didn't think the images would be so big)



nitrogen settings.PNGcitystringsexample.PNGtownstringexample.PNG

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Hello everyone, how are you? I have a question and I have searched but either I am bad with google or I do not ask the correct question.
I want to generate a map for 7dtd but using the map of my country as a reference, I know that this option is: use import_hm.png, import_hm.png & mask.png and reuse heightmap, but the truth is I don't know how it works and I would like to know if I Could you explain what I have to do to create a map with Nitrogen using the map of my country as the origin, in advance thanks to all



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1 The first step is to convert it to a grayscale.

2 resize it to 8192 by 8192 for 8 k map

3 resize it to 4096 by 4096 for a 4k map. save it as a png file

4 create a copy and paint your biome separations or it will be all forest.

Rename the map png to import_HM.png and drop it into the resources folder.

in GUI point to resources folder and to the import_HM.png. and it should work.

From what I see it should generate cities town in 2 - 6 areas.

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Some warning on what you are trying to do. The map you have there will do bad things, because of the light shading applied to the rougher areas.  What you really need is a true topological map that doesn't put those obnoxious shadows in for human readability.  It can be difficult to find.  Otherwise, you'll need to heavily edit the picture for it to be right, which can take a lot of time.


Ideally, you want a grayscale image where dark is lower elevation and white is higher.  Expect to have to hand-edit to get that, though.  Once you're there, you'll need to adjust global contrast and brightness so that most of your elevations are between 50 and 120 (meaning RGB value of 50,50,50 and 120,120,120) with emphasis on the lower end. so that cities can spawn in the most places possible.  Somewhere early in this thread is a note about the max height a city will spawn in, due to height of skyscrapers needing to be below the top of the world.


I've done a few of these now, and happy to help you out, but I don't recognize that country from the image.  Is it El Salvador?

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