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Similar "packs" like the current Compopack?

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I downloaded the Compo to use with NitroGen, made a map and hopped into it. But, although i salute the creativity of those who contributed to it (the plane crash site is so cool!), there's a lot of buildings and POIs that are way too odd and out of place to keep my immersion thirst satisfied.


It doesnt make sense to me to have, for instance, a weird theme park with two giant Minions from Despicable Me in front, with a parking lot of 200 car wrecks copy-pasted in every spot available. Ok, its quite a feat to have built all of this, but im just like wtf is that?


So i guess i would be searching for another "compopack" which is more down to earth and that keeps in line with the context and setting of 7DtD. Dunno if im explaining myself correctly on this but anyways. If you have suggestions right off the bat, please let me know. Thanks!

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compo pack is a living, shifting, entity of community prefabs made throughout the history of the game. probably a solid 90% of prefabs made by players have called it home.

see a poi you don't like in your game? remove it from the folder, and corresponding rwg modlet xmls, and sculpt your personal world.

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