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Need help finding Region data so I can reset it and load a Prefab

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I could use some help... I'm trying to import the Eden Center Mall prefab into my saved game; the problem is I can't load it into an Region I've already discovered and I've pretty much searched the whole map. The only way I can add it in my save is to delete the Region file (r.X.X.Xrg file in the Region folder) the area I want to place the Prefab is in, but I don't exactly know the location.





Would anyone be able to help me find what region files this area corresponds to so I can delete them? It's just west of Diersville I believe.


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There probalby is a cool easy way to do it. Here is the hacky way:


Start the game, go to that location, destroy a few boulders then exit the game. Go into the dir with the region files and sort by time. The region file with the newest change date is the one you are looking for.


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If it's a server, you can add alloc's fixes which will give you a port you can hit with a web browser and see the map you've revealed. There's a checkbox in the top right corner that lets you overlay the region numbers which are part of the file name for that chunk.

You can also try this (I have not):


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I tried Alloc but unfortunately it's only server side, but I did find a thread which helped me fix the issue, thanks goto Worrun





Hey Wamplet, first off, thanks for the amazinly well thought out post, it has taught me even now things I had no idea about!

After 4 days of hard searching and spamming help topics anywhere I could, I finally found an old QA tester from the 7D2D team last night (before I saw your post, unfortunately!)

What I did was:

1) Console > type "dm" to activate debug mode > press escape and escape again to go to the pause menu > press F3 to bring up a bunch of stats and numbers > then tick the box "CH" on the tabs at the top left to enable chunk information > this brings up a new box on the bottom left showing chunk info and YOUR REGION.

I simply ran an entire ring around the area of my base, ensuring the region didn't change, and wallah. Wiped all regions from the server except my base region, which happened to be r.-2.0.7



Yep, after checking the region I wanted to use I deleted that region from my prefabs (resetting that map of the map) and when it reloaded, it loaded with the edits I made in World Editor. I managed to fix it yesterday, thank you for the suggestions!

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