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Game crashes when friend joins. PLEASE HELP!

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I have started a solo server and so far 3 of my friends have been able to join and play the game with me. One of my other friends, who have recently bought the game, crashes MY game when ever he joins. I made him share his screen and everything looks fine on his end but when he is loading in it causes my game to crash. He tried joining by connecting to I.P and he gets a 'failed to joined server error" but my game no longer crashes. From his perspective there is also no ping to be found when looking at my server in the sever browser friends tab. We have both verified our file integrity and also made sure the anti-cheat is working. It seems to be a server issue but i have no idea on a fix. also i have been able to join him and the game works fine, the issue is only when he joins me. I have also checked the logs and the crash is not reported, but be assured that the game does close by itself when he joins. We have also tried to have him join another friend and when he joins it crashes the server as well. 

Im not sure how attach the entire log file but I will leave the last few items on the log pasted below. 


2021-02-05T22:46:17 171.937 INF [Steamworks.NET] NET: P2PSessionRequest from: 76561198105568652
2021-02-05T22:46:18 172.921 INF [Steamworks.NET] NET: Received authentication package from 76561198105568652: valid password
2021-02-05T22:46:18 172.923 INF Started thread NCSteam_Reader_76561198105568652_0
2021-02-05T22:46:18 172.924 INF Started thread NCSteam_Writer_76561198105568652_0
2021-02-05T22:46:18 172.925 INF Started thread NCSteam_Reader_76561198105568652_1
2021-02-05T22:46:18 172.925 INF Started thread NCSteam_Writer_76561198105568652_1
2021-02-05T22:46:18 172.926 INF [NET] PlayerConnected EntityID=-1, PlayerID='76561198105568652', OwnerID='', PlayerName=''


this is the last thing seen on the output log.

If anyone knows a fix please let me know!

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