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Strange invisible blocks bug.

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Hello everyone


Today i have come across a rather unusual bug in 7 Days. It is bit complicated so i decided to make a video instead of typing everything out. Please take a look and let me know if you have come across this problem before. It will help a lot.



thank you in advance for your time



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@Rafael81Another thing to try would be to damage a block adjacent to the invisible one. I had this problem, and when I damaged a

block next to an invisible one, it reappeard. After that, repaired the damaged blocks and I had no more invisible ones. Just a fist was enough

damage for it to work for me.

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Thank you fore the advice guys, i have tried both with no luck so far. Worth to mention we do use many mods on our Server but nothing new was added before this problem came to light. I dont want to break anything as we are over day 600 so will leave it for now. Perhaps try few more things before Server wipe. Thanks again.

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