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Quick Weapon Ideas

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Hello, all. First time poster, so sorry about the formatting and whatever else I may get wrong. However, I've been playing for quite a while and had some thoughts on a few new weapons and traps. I only ever play PVE so I don't know how most of these would stack up on PVP.


1. Slingshot- There are only a handful of silent ranged weapons and I think a slingshot would be a good addition. It could be dictated by the agility skill, have several different iterations like the bow, with a simple twig and some rubber to start with, eventually moving on to full on wrist rocket. Rocks for ammo (or Dukes if you're desperate) with the option later to create lead or steel shot/ball bearings, and the potential to launch pre-existing explosives like the grenades or dynamite from it.


2. Throwing Knives- Again, a good silent ranged option. This could either be a weapon separate from the knives already in the game or give the players a way to throw the ones they have. Retrievable like arrows, easy to forge a group of them out of iron. There could be a whole throwing skill tree or book that would eventually lead to being able to quickly fire off a bunch of knives one after another, maybe an upgrade to throwing axes/tomahawks at some point


3. Bear Trap- Pretty self explanatory. Probably a one time use thing, but it would either stop an enemy in their tracks or automatically cut the legs off of zombies. Great PVP potential if you can disguise them with grass so they're hard to spot.


4. Zombie Limbs- Really a weapon of last resort or a joke weapon like the Christmas Candy Cane, but why not beat a zombie with its own severed leg? When dismembering a zombie, there's a chance that the limb will stick around long enough for you to grab it and whack someone with it. Technically a blunt instrument, so easy enough to throw it under Pummel Pete.


5. Firecrackers- Less a weapon or a trap but more of a distraction. Light them and toss them to distract enemies for longer than just tossing a rock.


6. Bottle Rocket Launcher- Again more of a joke than anything, but it could be a good intermediary to the proper Rocket Launcher. Easy to make with scrap like the blunderbuss. Loud, noisy, and messy but effective. 


7. Bolas- Just a quick trip up to either give you a chance to get away or deliver a killing blow. For PVP give the hit player the stunned condition without any damage. Probably ineffective against bears, dogs, or mountain lions but hey, you can't have everything. Put it under Perception.


I'm not sure how many of these have already been suggested, so sorry for any repeats, but these just occurred to me last time I played. Thanks for reading, and thanks to the Pimps for all the work they've put into this already.

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Better hunting rifle: This would basically be a bolt action rifle that holds more than one round. Perhaps a military surplus firearm that is in common circulation in the US such as a mosin nagant or mauser variant that hold 5 rounds in their internal magazines.

Inventory Search Function: would it kill the fun pimps to ad a search function to our inventory spaces so we can find that one item among all the other clutter. It can be a real hassle sometimes to do it on your own.

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I like the suggestions very much and think they would fit into the game and scenario perfectly. Really well thought out.


Don't think any of these will make it into the game, however, and they are a "nice to have" rather than a "can't be a good game without them".

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