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Which is better for a base?  

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  1. 1. Which is better for base building?

    • Above Ground with walls and traps
    • Below ground with multiple exits
    • Using prefab building

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For me it changes significantly over time and sometimes by map.  Early on it is FAR easier to clear a POI and use that as your base.  The top of a hotel, for instance, can work great.  It can take a lot more work to turn a POI into your perfect base so building one from scratch somewhere is better once you've established some of your skills and gear.


As for above ground or below ground, I only go below ground if I can find a bunker POI I like.  Underground bases require a lot more work digging than I like to do.

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22 minutes ago, Roland said:

I use an existing POI for everyday living: storage, workstation crafting, vehicle parking, etc and I build from scratch a nearby but separate base for horde night.

Same here. I usually use my “primary” as a horde base until it becomes obvious I should not, then I have enough material/recipes to build the horde base next door.  Currently I’m trying the “find a stone/brick/concrete POI next door to another stone/concrete/brick POI.  The “horde base” is chosen as the smaller of the two.  

ive found “building from scratch” is less fun if you crank up the game difficulty, as there’s just not enough time to build from scratch and feel good about it. Maybe that could be a new “challenge” map: no POIs on the entire map, or only POIs where the biome weather is cranked up so brutally that you die there  if you try to stay too long. Your only choice is to build from scratch. :)

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Normally I spend the first few days in an existing POI and then I build a base by day 7 that is my everything base.


I’m very plain and basic by just building a square structure. Normally I have a basement main floor and 2nd story. I’ll add to it as time goes like outer towers/walls... underground tunnels to get to other parts of the base and to run electricity. 

im not very creative but it gets the job done...

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Nowadays, I mostly build above ground and try to make my place all in one (base and BM base), but I voted underground bunker because of sentimentality for the underground type base my buddies and I used to build and seeing zeds splat into it from time to time... always gave me a chuckle :)

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My friends and I are not fans of building a big base, and we're even less fans of having to keep repairing it.


So when we play we:


1) Turn off horde nights.


2) Use a couple of techniques that others would probably call "cheese" or "exploits"  but we just call "sensible anti-zombie measures" to make sure that our above-ground base is zombie-proof against wandering hordes without taking damage or needing repairs. We use [REDACTED SO IT DOESN'T GET PATCHED OUT] to make sure that the zombies only ever approach from one direction, and then [REDACTED SO IT DOESN'T GET PATCHED OUT] so that we can kill them without exposing ourselves (or the base itself) to anything other than minimum danger.


That way we can spend our time doing fun stuff (scavenging, killing zombies, doing quests) rather than tedious stuff (resource gathering, base building and repair). We don't get that much time to play the game as it is, so we might as well maximise the amount of that time that we are having fun and minimise the amount doing busywork.

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As I see it I usually have part above ground and some below.  It all depends upon where I am at start of the game.  If it is in the mountain region I will have mainly a underground region for my base.  On the 7 day I will use a POI for the 7 day with some traps and roof structures for protection against vultures.  Depending on the POI it can last up to three times also depending upon what zombies come.  I like the Shotgun messiah warehouse or the strip mall with the gun shop.  It helps to clear these out on day 5 to help with return zombies. 

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I am never consistent with my bases.  In some playthroughs, I take over a POI as my main base and a second POI over as my BM base.  On others, I grab a POI as the main and build a BM base from scratch.  I've even built a base from scratch and use it both as my main and as my BM base.  All of this is A18 and later.


I have even in the past moved after locating 3-4 traders if I found a spot that was more central to all of them (or most of them).


And the weird thing is, I never go into a new session with a plan (I random gen my maps and never preview them prior to starting the playthrough).  Usually it is by Day 2-3 that I start thinking of how I am going to handle the BM.

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