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Any Theories on the Story Behind 7 Days?

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Hey guys, a while back I posted a video on YouTube attempting to put together a backstory for the 7 Days to Die setting. 

I'm not here to shill that, but I do have a renewed interest in the topic after seeing Capp00's creative take on it that I'm sure most of you have seen.

I put together my own theories and ideas, but got some great feedback in the comments on my video. So I thought I'd bring the topic here as I'm working on a part 2 to my original video. 

Anyone have any theories at all pertaining to the setting? Anything at all could be useful, no matter how small. 

Details pertaining to the bombs, the virus, the timeline, locations that might have some clues, etc. 

What do you guys think? 

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What makes you believe there was buildup to a war?

There are newspapers you can find (incredibly blurry) that seem to depict news getting out of a flu epidemic and nuclear... something. Detonation? War? It's unclear. 

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7 hours ago, Holdiniful said:

What makes you believe there was buildup to a war?

There are newspapers you can find (incredibly blurry) that seem to depict news getting out of a flu epidemic and nuclear... something. Detonation? War? It's unclear. 

I find lots of military bases and especially a lot of bunkers that have been camouflaged as houses and businesses that leads me to believe that there was a buildup to a war.

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10 hours ago, ElCabong said:

I find lots of military bases and especially a lot of bunkers that have been camouflaged as houses and businesses that leads me to believe that there was a buildup to a war.

This. And there's even a military compound with two ICBM silos and one's empty.


Also, when you generate a map in NitroGen and visualize the preview, circular impact craters are generated in the Wasteland zones (if you add them).


The base game itself has radiated zones bordering the map.


All of this can support the idea of a full-fledged nuclear conflict and the aftermath that followed.

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It's pretty obvious to me. - Everyone that was vaccinated for Covid 19 turned into Zombies.  Then we launched nuclear missiles at them, as one does in such a situation.


All info is below...



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I have several unresolved conflicts ;)

- There are zombies.  There are "corpses" (of people). Some corpses are uneaten, some are 1/2 eaten. Then there are "piles of bones" (animal and human).

Given this: This indicates to me that some time has passed since "the event".  Long enough to have uncleaned up human bone piles in the road, but not enough time for the existing "zombies" to have died out.  Of course, maybe the "fresher" bodies/zombies are just recently turned/died survivors, which makes sense.

- There are "traders" in fully built "fortifications" (they don't live in houses/buildings). There are "survivor fortifications ( the POI's that are all made up of cars stacked up)

Given this: This indicates to me that some time has passed since "the event". Long enough for people to have built up their own fortified bases/homes.   Why no one chose to re-use an existing place is a bit of a mystery.  Maybe those that built up fortifications did so early, while people were still living in houses/apartments/etc.

- There is ample gasoline available.

Given this: Whatever occurred in this immediate area didn't cause people to panic/hoard gas or use it all up.  Of course, its kind of an isolated area (surrounded by radiation).  The zombification happened fast, or the survivors left after the war were few. Below I argue that the zombification happened fast in your area, with many survivors left.

- There are zombies everywhere (vs corpses everywhere)

Given this: Turning into a zombie in your area is a relatively recent event, and it happened quickly  Sure, people may have been zombified earlier, but its almost like the zombification hit hard and fast, not giving people enough time to shot them and leave corpses everywhere. If they did, and corpses were cleaned up, there should be corpse burial grounds everywhere.  There are *some* but not enough for all the zombies we encounter. (below i surmise the fast mutation is the result of mutation of the zombie virus caused by the nuclear fallout.)

- There are very few other "survivors" left

Given this: Turning into a zombie is a relatively recent event, and it happened quickly  OR these are the people who are resistant to the zombification. I don't see survivors with bite marks on them, and if you get an infection (from a zombie hit) you die....so it would appear that the survivors are untouched but likely still able to be zombified (they are likely not immune). (more below.  I conclude below you are immune from zombification, but not bacterial infection.  No idea if the other survivors are also immune from virus or not)

- A supply plane keeps flying over, that you did not call.

Given this: somewhere is a working airport/depot that's trying to drop supplied for survivors.  Since there is no place for this inside the radiation area, it can be surmised that the place is coming from outside the radiation area.  Since the plane drops are "random" its possible someone is calling for that drop near that location.... and you are stealing their supplies ;)

- There is a "destroyed" biome.

Given this: This is where the bomb(s) dropped. BUT there is no radiation!? So these were conventional bombs not nukes?

- You can't leave the radiated zone.

Given this: The zone is very large.  Too large to drive out of, even in a hazmat suit.  Which is not specifically a "radiation suit", but hazmat (biological only?)

- There is a government presence, and some people are wearing hazmat suits. Which is not specifically a "radiation suit", but hazmat (biological only?)

Given this: The government came in to help/contain/etc the zombie outbreak, not the nuke/radiation fallout.


So: To make all of the above "fit" I'd say that the event timeline is:

1. Conventional War (regular bombs dropped), then zombie outbreak (as biological weapon), military comes to "help", then nukes. Your area is unaffected by the radiation, as it is remote. Without adequate outside help to cull/clear dead people , zombie outbreak intensifies in you area.

2. Initial zombie outbreak, conventional war (regular bombs dropped) caused by outbreak, military comes to "help", then nukes. Your area is unaffected by the radiation, as it is remote. Without adequate outside help to cull/clear dead people , zombie outbreak intensifies in you area


I think #1 is more plausible?, as there is a lot of supplies/gas left around.  People were not hoarding a lot when there were a lot of people, just some hoarding.  The "conventional war before outbreak" means people were still not thinking too far ahead when the nukes/zombies appeared in masse.  That is why you find hoards/caches of ammo/etc, but its not a house or warehouse full of it.  People only began hoarding when the zombie outbreak started (after the conventional war) and they heard it on the news.  Then they couldn't go out easily to use up gas/cars but were still buying stuff at the store when they could, this is why there's still food in gas stations/grocery stores/etc. (below: because zombification mutation happened fast, after initial zombification)


The above 2 timelines are not much different...BUT: The zombie outbreak likely may have mutated at some time (making it more infections/faster zombification), causing the large amount of "zombies" in the area vs living people.  Maybe the nukes helped the zombie virus mutate?  This seems plausible, as there were a lot of survivors, then they all zombified fast.  Additionally, radiated zombies appear, so they ran/wandered in from the radiated zones so they could have brought a mutation in. As well as how fast you die (turn into a zombie?) if you get scratched and do not treat the infection.  but... the infection CAN be treated?  This would lead to The infection is a bacterial infection that kills you, and the virus is also transmitted to you but hits you later, zombifying you *after* you die of infection.  Which mean that, eventually, you should turn into a zombie..which means the virus infection is not super fast...but yet there are all these zombies running around and not corpses so it should be quite fast...so therefore you are likely immune from the zombie virus, or at least the mutated virus.


The timeline, based on existing zombies/corpses and corpse count is say, 6-18 months from "initial zombie outbreak" to the day you wake up on the side of the road and "7 days" starts?  Mostly based on he fast that there are "old corpses" hanging around no one cleaned up. Maybe they were eaten by animals.  hard to say, but it doesn't feel like 'a day or a few weeks'.  It feels like a few months at least once the zed outbreak started until "now".  Yeah "feels like"


- You wake up "naked", by a car crash (usually?)

Given this: You were not wearing clothes, and everyone is dead around you (not zombies).  You were obviously kidnapped from your home where you were holed up (they took your clothes), so some of the dead may be who you were living with, but some are the kidnappers?  This part is the weirdest for me. Either get some clothes when you wake up or wake up in a house/basement, don't wake up naked with people in the middle of the road.....unless you want to argue "hypothermia or drugs made you take your clothes off" or "you were having an orgy in the back of a car after a war and the car crashed" (this might actually be plausible though...hmmm...you were thrown from the car so you weren't wearing a seat belt).


The car swerved to hit you and crashed. You were naked and drunk and wandering in the road like an idiot because you had given up on everything.  You then passed out, then awoke in the road.  This final act made you sober up and decide to live. I like this explanation better.


There are a lot of plot holes, and I won't list them all here, but most of it has to do with:

- You have no radio/communication with anything, and never find a communication device, yet planes drop supplies.

- No one is trying to escape the area (they gave up? or they know they cannot?), instead choosing to stay put.

- There's a lot of traders, which should indicate there are lots of survivors still keeping them in business.

- No TV, radio, etc works but electrical items are not damaged (because you salvage and build with them). Of course, the EMP from a nearby bomb might only have affected "sensitive" electronics and not stuff you use to build.

- You never find cell phones, or working cars, or the power plant providing all the electricity (need a hydroelectric dam or some power POI?)

  You cannot turn off a light that is on, ;) or vice versa.

- You find Dukes everywhere, which means the traders have been working for awhile, and everyone agreed upon Dukes as currency, even though they are made of brass and anyone could likely counterfeit them.  You cannot "barter" with a trader without Dukes ;)

- Nothing explains the "blood moon" occurring so often and on time.

- Any POI "light" that is using a battery would run out in a day, and you find a lot of POI's that have this.




- Yes, it's all guessing and not super logical ;)

- Yes, I did spend all this time typing this up ;)




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19 hours ago, 7daysexpert said:

@Maharin yes it is us mole people are taking over :)


Ultimately it will be a war between the mole people and the above ground people that decides the fate of humanity.


Who am I kidding... the fate of humanity is in the hands of humanity and we know how this will end.

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I got the impression there was a war against the united states, and sometime during that war.. biologicals were used on us.  Scientists in the Dishong Tower had gotten their hands on samples, which had been deemed as highly contagious and mutagenic.  The mutated strain somehow got outta quarantine and to contain that outbreak the US started to pound nukes into Navezgane, to stop the plague from reaching the rest of the US.   But then... the radiation of the nukes had an unintended effect on the virus causing it to mutate further and become super charged, causing the dead to rise to infect the living not just with bites and attacks, but also the sickness from the radiation along with it.


This was the theory i held for a long time.   I couldn't explain the Rad zone at the edges of Navezgane with that one.


This time around, however... could be a long time after the initial outbreak and the navajo reservations became the last remote bastions of humans left.   The Duke is basically a warlord that took over the remaining untainted zones.  Your character had a debt he needed to pay off, but then got the snot kicked outta him and was left for dead in the wilderness, until...

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I think part of the dilemma is that *you* wake up on the side of the road and don't know the backstory, meaning: how do you not know what's been going on this whole time?  Have you been living under a rock?  Well...


I propose that the game needs to start with you in some place where you could conceivably *not* know what's been going on. Examples:

- You wake up at a camp site, (in a remote area of the map) or a small cabin.

- You wake up deep underground.


The issue becomes: How to explain how you've been there all this time and oblivious to the outside.  Partial solutions could be:
- You don't wake up naked. You are wearing some regular clothes that hint at your occupation or circumstance.  For the 2 listed above, this could be: you're wearing "hunting" or "camping" clothes (depends if you have a gun or not I guess?), or you're wearing somehting taht indicates you're a spelunker or archaeoloigist (yeah, I'm just spitballing).


- You don't wake up with supplies on you (and are naked, but you have a toolbelt and a backpack you can't see!).  You have to do some scavenging around your area to pick up your supplies that are nearby.  Why? Because you either: fell asleep and just woke up OR You were knocked out by something....maybe a zed or person.  I would like to say "an explosion" but for this to happen the explosion (likely the nukes) would have had to happen right then, not giving time for the zeds to mutate, traders to build up, etc. because "the war" or whatever just started.  I argue above that the "war" or whatever was some time ago, not when you wake up.


I personally like the "you were working on a remote site and were underground and there was a cave in, and you've been trapped there for a few days".  Maybe there's an underground "ancient site" you were excavating. You wake up and have to dig yourself out, THEN have to make it to a city.  I argue it would be "fun" if you could fail to dig yourself out and simply died underground ;) . The first few in game days would be just you and mining/crafting basics underground trying to get out.  This might buy some "time" to make it believable you missed a zombie uprising, and a nuclear war or something big like that, as the "cave in" could be caused by a bomb exploding.


Of course, in this day and age, who doesn't have connectivity/news on a daily basis...or works on uncovering ancient ruins all by themselves?  Maybe you add some NPC's underground and one of them is a trader with almost no "unnatural" supplies (just food and water, wood, etc).


Other thoughts:

I think there should be a big crater in the "wasteland biome", indicating a bomb dropped there.  You could maybe? argue it was a nuke that didn't go off...so they used regular bombs to try to take out your area as "they" were... out of nukes (ha ha haaa)? Maybe you "find" that nuke?  It gets weird here.  I think it would be "fun" if you find a nuke in the ground, or in the missile silos, if you try to harvest it...it makes a big boom (lagging the map, etc for everyone... I guess in PVP you'd have to remove those POI's).  Maybe a mini game where you learn to harvest it and make nuclear power...eh maybe we're going too far.  Might as well build a spaceship out of minibikes and fly to the moon.


far out thoughts: maybe its not nukes? The issue is this: the border of the map has "something" there, and what makes it weird is that when you go into it it "starts killing you immediately".  It hurts.  radiation doesn't hurt like that.  So maybe part of the "solution" is to come up with a good explanation of why it hurts (immediately) to cross that border.  I would also argue having a "nice crisp line" of this border is a little weird.  I feel it should be something you can smell, or a super dense "fog" that burns your skin/eyes, so it could be chemical warfare/agents.


To make this "work well" I feel Navezgane (and all maps) should be slightly elevated, and the edges of the map "lower" so the "fog" or "radiation" is trapped there and cannot easily move "up".  Any low area on the map that touches these low areas ( like a lake?) should also be radiated/gassed.  It would make some interesting maps/gameplay if a map had a lot of low areas touching the edges and the "radiation/gas" were cutting all over the map.  It would make the hazmat suit useful..and maybe a "detector" useful as well.


This might change up the dynamic a bit as now we don't have to have a nuclear war occur (or at least around you) and there could conceivably be a world out there outside of your area that's still "ok", meaning all your 'local zombie issues" are not worldwide and just in your area...  So easier to argue your area was "purposefully isolated" and people are not coming to save you, they're waiting for everyone to die off!.  Maybe the supply crates are not "for survivors" as much as wanting to see if anyone picks them up at all, and if they do, well, "survive a little longer off of these meager supplies, we're watching from above to see how you do". The supply crates are just a PR move for the rest of the world to say "we're sending help!" because they're really not sending much help at all, or trying to rescue you.  This is why you can't communicate with the outside world, they're blocking your transmissions (eh..sure).


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