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Badhabitz HUGE Twitch chat integration, Be a Zombie or Human in Chat! No Donations needed!

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Hi I'm Badhabitz, I'm insane. I have made a twitch chat integration command system that lets you summon Zombies, Buff/Debuff players or give items directly from chat. Its pretty complicated , I'm insane, with Over 40 Zombie Commands and 40 Human commands each command has its own Tier Level. Which means you need to reach a certain Tier to use Commands. Tiers are based on how much Humanity you have if you use zombie commands you loose humanity if you use human commands you gain humanity , think of humanity Tiers like experience levels,  Humans are positive Experience levels and Zombies are Negative Experience levels. So you have Zombie T0-T7 Commands and Humans have T0-T7 commands, I'm insane. It cost points to use commands and there are TONS of ways to get points, from just being in chat, to receiving points when you use several different commands that summon zombies or give items. I have removed 90% of the natural spawning zombies in 7 days to die(Horde night on the 7th day still summons zombies like vanilla).   Last time more than a year ago I did a less refined version and people loved it, well they loved killing me and loved the giant crater my base use to be.... and this time around we have exploding and nuke zombies... invisible zombies... radioactive zombies... commands that stun etc... its toxic ,but I'm sure everyone will have a lot of fun once they read the giant wall of text in the google doc that explains everything... This took me 6 months to program and do including the original I did. I did all the chat bot programming and modding for 7 days to die except for the models, a few modlets and a HUD, but all credit is in the google Doc that you need to access the commands.  I'd like to thank this community for it being so informative and I didn't have to ask one question because they were easily answered with a quick forum search.


I do stream other games as well and created a chat integration system that lets you push/disable/hold keys on my keyboard and disable my mouse in any game I play, so I love making this kind of interactive stuff for my community. I havn't been able to stream for awhile because of my health and my streaming computer died ,but 02/02/2021 I will be back full time streaming again with the new 7 days to die chat integration commands. Hope too see you there, and remember  The End is Here.


Google Doc with the commands and detailed information http://bit.ly/2kVA0u3

My Channel https://www.twitch.tv/badhabitz


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