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So... this was weird


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I've played this game a LOT over the years and have never had anything like this happen before.  I was in a hole mining and a stream of zombies poured in.  No big deal but then it got out of control so I attempted to bail by jumping to the ladder going up.  It was then I was hit by several zombies at once and the perspective on my screen changed as if I was laying on the ground and stunned.  I attempted to jump to see if it would correct things and then it just looked like I had a higher perspective of laying on the ground (as if my head was on sideways but still at the top of my body).  I was able to move a bit at that point, but I died quickly with at least 5 zombies hitting me all at the same time.


Anybody got any ideas on the whole perspective change thing?  I guess it was a bug triggered by me jumping, landing on a ladder, and getting stunned all at the same time.  Maybe?

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