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Computer crashes completely / restart


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Hello everybody


I'm building an Eiffel Tower. Recently my computer crashed completely in the vicinity of the Eiffel Tower. This means that it switches off briefly and then starts up again.
Apparently only in the vicinity of my construction project.


Is it possible that 7Days has problems with too many blocks?

No other game reacts like this.
This does not happen in 7Days on the same server in other places on the map.

Any ideas?




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7d2d should never crash your whole computer. This is most likely another issue like a driver or hardware problem. And no, it works in other games does not mean it's not the issue. 7d2d puts far higher load on CPU and RAM (not necessarily the amount, but how many accesses to data).


Did it occur only once or is it reproducible?


Post your system stats (also if you use any overclockings, including XMP for your ram). Check temperatures of CPU and GPU (under load). Do a stress test, e.g. Heaven Benchmark for your CPU and Prime95 for CPU and memory.


Did you do any changes to your system lately? Windows updates? New drivers installed? Or similar?


Since you build an eiffel tower, i assume it's a really big and high structure? That probably may cause the SI-caclulation to run amok, what causes VERY HEAVY CPU load.

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- What PSU wattage rating are you using in your computer? Does it meet the requirements for your PC? Is it old? What is your PC specs?


- Have you done a free MemTest86 yet to see if your ram is 100% stable?


- Have you done any overclocking at all? Overclocks can eventually become unstable over time due to wear and tear.


- Have you done any driver updates recently (if so, maybe try rolling back)? When was the last time you did a GPU driver update as Windows updates will occasionally override your drivers with garbage drivers just because it's newer.


- Is your BIOS version up to date? If you're not comfortable with updating that, then ignore this as it's not likely the cause anyway.


Side note: There was a vertices glitch back in Alpha 3 (but I imagine they've made massive improvements on that issue over the several years), but back then, an entire chunk of the world would disappear corrupting the world to some degree. But seeing as how the game now already has elaborate skyscrapers and the game handles it just fine, I imagine you'd have to really go nuts with building in order to come remotely close to reaching the game's limits now.

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The computer is 3 years old.
CPU Intel i7-78000X
X299 XP) OWER Gaming AC Board
2 x NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti
Graphics card and CPU are water-cooled.


Is a special GamerPC from the Joule Performance program.

It won't be because of the performance.

The GPU temperature does not rise above 55 degrees on either graphics card in the game.

Overclocking is only set very defensively (I don't like it when the PC gets louder).


I had to reinstall the graphics driver after one of the complete crashes, because only one graphics card was still working and this also without recognized drivers.


I'll run the MemTest later.


Actually, I've been playing 7 days for over 360 hours. The problem has only recently been around. And only (after many tests) when I'm on my construction project (Eiffel Tower).
In version 17, someone already showed that you can build an Eiffel Tower.


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You may want to run one graphics card at a time rather than SLI, your driver issue might be leading to hardware issues. Just because you never had problems doesn't mean problems can't happen.


Case in point, I undervolted my CPU without lowering my clock. Worked for a week, then suddenly when doing intensive stuff in 7 days I had a crash, so had to up it a couple of steps. Have a friend that found out his ram XMP profile wasn't stable by playing CSGO after 7 Days was stable for a few days worth of gaming and had a crash twice. Computers are weird sometimes.

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7 minutes ago, Jugginator said:

Have a friend that found out his ram XMP profile wasn't stable by playing CSGO after 7 Days was stable for a few days worth of gaming and had a crash twice. Computers are weird sometimes.

A friend set XMP for his RAM last year in march, while his flat was still heated to 21-22°C. In June he encounterd "random" crashes until he realized, that crashes only happen if temperature in his flat was 25°C. So he reduced his XMP-Setting by one step (Iirc from 3400 to 3333). Worked again, no more crashes. He crosstested running 3400Mhz during night (when it was <22°C) and this winter again worked. 3400Mhz began to produce crashes also in winter when the temperature in his flat reached 25°C by heating.


BTW: SLI is outdated (was already 3 years ago). In many cases it will cause more trouble than performance.

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