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Did my company just screw me over?

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2 minutes ago, Liesel Weppen said:

What still does not prohibit access to the hard drives, so e.g. any malware can still read or encrypt them.


Can we now close this absolutely pointless thread, that just explains how to circumvent security applied by any employer or even how to use an unlicensed copy?


Well, first of all, the amount of Linux malware is rather, erm, limited and also it is quite easy to make sure that the Linux from the stick does not mount the filesystems on the internal disks by itself or under the non-privileged account steam runs under (unlike on Win, steam on linux runs as a non-privileged user only and does not need administrative rights or granular capabilities for installing and executing games).


In general HFS+ (the filesystem macs run on) support on linux is a bit experimental, so by default HFS+ parttitions are going to be mounted read-only and  getting around that needs some commandline magic as root... so not going to happen by accident.


If you are really paranoid, you could of course go further to remove the HFS+ driver to make root jump through some more hoops or even to build and run a custom static kernel without the nvme and/or sata drivers.


Of course, running something not sanctioned on your employers hardware might still get you fired if found out (especially so when gaming at work). But doing so as described is probably less dangerous for the MacOS on there than opening a PDF or Office document from an untrusted source - which is far more probable to happen.

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