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[PC Server] {7 Days to Die} Imperial Gaming presents Dead of Night Roleplay - Season 3 will LAUNCH 01/22 - [RP PVPVE][100%loot/Drop All/Random Blood Moon/Whitelist Only][UK 8k Map]

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[RP PVPVE][100% Loot/Drop Everything on Death/Random Blood Moon] Imperial Gaming presents Dead of Night - 7 Days to Die RP Experience

Come join us for the third season of a new kind of 7 Days to Die server! Intense role-playing PVE and Limited PVP with a community twist! With active EU and NA admins, custom mods, a new infection, an established law system, and so much more! The RP possibilities are nearly endless.


Don’t miss your chance to join the rest of our community on one of the most promising 7D2D servers! Our staff is a core group of individuals with tremendous amounts of RP and 7D2D experience. Will the region fall to groups of criminals and bandits? Will you band together with other players to establish a colony or choose to be a lone wolf? Just what will the economy look like? Answer these questions, and so many more, as the season unfolds!




We're a new server that encourages our members to submit feedback and ideas/suggestions for ways that we can make your playing experience more enjoyable! Please note, we are not a strict play to win PvE or PvP server. We are an RP server, first and foremost. Creativity is a must. Our concept is to experience what it would be like to survive a zombie apocalypse. What would you do, how would you make it one day at a time?









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