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Game crashes Bloodmoon

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Started a new game with a friend and got to day 7. Got prepared etc and waited til the zombies spawn 22:00 Right at this time my game crashed and became unresponsive. Everytime i load in the game i have a few seconds to look around and it crashes again right around the time i expect a horde to spawn. 



Game Version: a19.3

CPU Model: i5-9400f

System Memory:16gb

GPU Model: nvida rtx 2060 6gb

Screen Resolution: 1920x1080

Video Settings: Medium

Game Mode: MP host (2p) [rgw]




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Create a new game, set the clock to day 7, wait for zombies to spawn.


If this new game crashes too, it might be something unrelated to the game (windows, graphics drivers, antivirus) or your general config (that can be reset with the tools tab in the game's launcher).


If the new game does not crash, most likely your save game is kaputt

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3 hours ago, Liesel Weppen said:

He means, your savegame is broken.


Didn't know meganoth is german. ;)

Not that you are necessarily wrong 😉, but "kaputt" is one of a few words taken over from german into english language like "kindergarden".


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