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Clan Cooking


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Here is a simple Quality of Life server side only mod that allows players to combine 5 food items that are not currently part of a recipe into a meal:


Cat Food

Miso Soup

Chicken Soup

Canned Chicken



Download here: https://github.com/arramus/Clan-Cooking

For server hosts who have trouble using Github uploads here is an alternative.



This is very easy for Clan/Community/Group server hosts to modify and customise to reflect a name more fitting with their own group.


Within the mod 'Config' folder is a Localization file which allows hosts to change the standard name into something more descriptive. In addition it allows the item to receive a more detailed description.


It currently looks like this:


foodClanCooking,items,Food,,,Clan Cooking,,,,,
foodClanCookingDesc,items,Food,,,"Throw together all the junk that usually has no recipe to make a nutritious, delici...(maybe not)...highly nutritious hot pot."


Simply change Clan Cooking to be something you like, for example, regular communities visiting the forum: @Catman'ZombieShack Stew', @Ti2xGr'Geek Gaming Gutbuster' (although Geek Gaming has already taken recipes far beyond this and is well worth a visit), and a newer member @saminal 'Outback Decay' (the actual group name and nothing may need to be changed who also applies multiple quality of life modifications on multiple servers in house).


The description can easily reflect the type of server you run or connect to the meal title.


The meal itself cooks quickly and combines to offer about 25% more than the sum of the individual items as well as a stamina buff.


Collect the items and a Cooking Pot



Read the description as optional



Begin Cooking



Check the Stats



Top Up when needed



For further customisation, it is possible to change the icon and icon colour tint in the items.xml file if you wish.

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