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ActionB34R's Youtube Channel eh?

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Hello there 7 Days to Die Family,


My name is Bear and I live in Canada. Recently, I have come back to PC gaming. Earlier I was down the table top rabbit hole with Warhammer40k and board games. With Covid I had to switch gears, as I felt it was pretty hard to get games in person and I decided I rather build my own community. I'm also going to be a first time Dad soon! So life changing event incoming!


I used to make Sims 2 machinima videos a loooong time ago. Ancient times really..Youtube was quite new. Anyways, I feel like I never lost my editing skills and despite not doing it for 10 years or more I think Ive found the hidden knowledge hidden deep within myself rather quickly :)


In honesty, I was flirting with the idea of painting my miniatures on Youtube. But it wasn't until a few months back a friend re introduced me to 7 Days to Die, which I never gave a solid chance. Bought it maybe back in A17. So here we are, I'm a fan since A19....and my content is currently 100% based around 7 days to die. My channel recently launched (end of December 2020). Glock's "Cabin in the Woods" series inspired me to get cracking!


I'm hoping my machinima background, editing and tenacity (I'm not that great at the game yet) offers something different and exciting to watch. Take a chance and check me out if you so desire, don't be a hoser eh?


Currently working on a Snow Biome Permadeath Series, which is a bit somber in tone. I greatly appreciate any feedback if given, good or bad.

Probably a little late to the party, but I like to think fashionably so.


Link below and Cheers! Stay safe out there 7 Days Family!





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