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Lost thread (2013 or 2014)

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Hey folks. Back in 2013 / 2014 I posted a forum thread to the Pimp Dreams section and it doesn't appear to be there anymore or at least I don't know how to find it. I don't know what it was called, I just know this account I am using now was the author of it back then already. I wanted to check back in with that old forum thread today to see just how many of my suggestions made it into the game over the years (I was a very early 7dtd player from a time when the devs still regularly checked that forum section) - I know that the AK47 has been implemented since, as well as sleeper zombies - and I was curious to see if any other stuff I originally came up with for the game made it in there yet. Just out of pure curiosity, not to take credit or show off anything. I know the game was way different back then so I'm also interested in seeing what else I envisioned for it back in the day.


Would appreciate some help or if there's an archive section somewhere that has these super old threads - since it isn't listed on my profile anymore.

Cheers guys and have a great day.

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When the forum was migrated to a new host/engine we had to do a LOT of pruning to get the database size down. (Estimated time of migration with how it existed was roughly two weeks.  We needed it to be below two days.)  Sadly as a result of this, pretty much everything before 2018 had to be dropped.


I had made a backup of the forum prior to the migration, but before I could publish it I had a major storage issue, and 90% of the data for backup was lost.  You might try the Wayback Machine, but it probably wasn't set to index the full forum.

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