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Savegame not in continue list after crash

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Hello, I played a game on Navezgane for 50 hours I guess. My computer freezes while in game and I had to restart my computer. After this I started 7 days again but I can not find the savegame in the continue menu anymore. Is there any fix for this savegame, the folder is still existing of course.

Thank you for your help:D

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Sorry, I noticed you stated that in your OP and deleted my reply but too late. 

I asked one of the programmers about this awhile back and he gave me something to try but he wasn’t sure if it would work and the person I passed it on to never replied. So let me know if the following works or not:


(I have to get to my computer and find it so bear with me)

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1) Move your broken game’s savegame folder to your desktop and make a back up copy of it.
2) Create a new game with the same map and save name as your broken game.
3) Open the savegame folder from the original game that is now on your desktop
4) There should be 3 files: main.ttw, main.ttw.bak, main.ttw.failed
5) Delete these three files
6) Open the savegame folder for the new game that you made with the same world.
7) Copy and paste the main.ttw and main.ttw.bak from that folder into the original folder
8. Delete the new save game and return the original game back to the save game folder with it's replaced files 

9) You will be back to Day 1 but everything else is hopefully there.
10) Use giveself xp 10000 in the console to gain back levels
11) Use the creative menu to get back gear.

12) Use the debug mode to get back to the day you were on.


If that doesn't work then delete it all and try it again except this time try taking the main.ttw and main.ttw.bak from your original file and putting them into the new game you created (kind of the reverse of what was described above) and see if that works.


If neither of those work then I've got nothing else. When your game crashes in the middle of when the game is saving it almost always results in a catastrophic corruption of the save. Since the game saves every few seconds there is always a good chance of that happening if you experience a crash. The best defense is to periodically makea backup of your savegame folder. That doesn't help with the current save but hopefully one of those things above will work.


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Thank you very much, it worked, the world is like before, I still have the traitor rank, my inventory and the books I read are saved. The only diifernt is, that its day 1 now and that i have no level. :'D But the most important things are back :D

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Type F1 to open the console and then type giveselfxp 10000 to increase your level back to where you were. You can make the number 10000 larger or smaller to increase faster or slower.


Type F1 and then type dm. Escape out and then press ESC one more time. You should see a window that will allow you to increase the day number. Once you have it set the way you want then go back into the F1 command window and type dm again to exit debug mode.



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