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Stuck - any ideas/suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated.

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I'm bashing my head against the wall trying to figure out a problem and thought I'd reach out to the modding community for any insight/solution that someone more knowledgeable might be able to offer.  So, I made some modded guns. I found out today that the when you put a scope on the SMGs, it is in the wrong position on the gun (too high) and the scope camera view (way too high) is wrong also. I hadn't altered any of the views, only the gun performance and mod slots. So, I thought that the problem was that I'd added a mod slot and that was throwing everything off. But, to be sure, I took all of the code from the Pimps SMG and put it into my gun replacing everything but the name. I was going to work from there changing one thing at a time until I found and could correct the issue. But, and here's the real pisser... when I put the Pimps code from the SMG into my game file with only the name change, it STILL showed all cockeyed. I scanned over the other mods in my files and there isn't anything server wide that I can think of that would be affecting this. Any insight as to the cause/possible solutions would be greatly appreciated.spacer.png

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