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LCB and sleeper zombies on console version

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Even though console versions of the game run on an outdated alpha, does the LCB prevent sleeper zombies respawning in POIs marked by the block, like it does on PC?


Some people are arguing with me that their LCB doesnt do this on console. There's even someone who told me sleepers are on PC only, claim that i strongly dont believe, but that's another story lol.



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You'll never see a sleeper zombie. However, you will see their animation of them standing up from the ground sometimes. You can see it was meant to be like PC at some point, but not implemented on console before Telltale collapsed.


As for respawns, I've never used the LCB. My bed prevents anything from spawning inside my base, at least until I pick it up, or place a new one down somewhere else.

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As others already said, the state the console version was based on didn't even contain sleepers. They have been introduced with iirc A17, while the console version was based on A14 with some features of A15 backported.


Iirc back with those versions, the LCB did NOT prevent random spawns, in opposite to the bedroll. The only use of a LCB back then was, that it allowed you to pick up stuff like your workbenches, instead of dismantling it. 


In current PC version iirc the LCB also only prevents sleeper respawns, while the bedroll prevents both sleeper and random spawns.

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