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No XP from electrical devices

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Hello folks,


my partner only gets XP from my own kills in party mode.
He does NOT get the XP I get from my electronic devices.
Which is really stupid, because if I alone build the defenses, then this gets in the horde night about it no shared XP.


Best regards,


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I assume this is meant to balance out int against other trees, like the miner who gets extra xp from mining. Other trees are generally easier to play as their offensive capability is much higher than the INT player.


But the most important point is that the INT player has to put a lot of perk points into utility perks that help everybody (charismatic, vehicle perk, workstation perk), so it is only fair that he gets an xp bonus to stay on par with the other players.

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For the first levels that would be fine, but later on the others players also invested their points in advanced engineer area.

But they get nothing for it!

My suggestion would be, depending on how many points the other players have invested in the iadvanced engineer area,

to share them proportionally the XP in party mode.  

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