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This mod is based around the idea of traveling faster. Whether you need to travel to far away places or just to get away from those pesky zombies, this helicopter will get the job done while riding in style. I put together this design from the MI 17 model, re-textured to fit the theme and added particle effects. I hope you all like what I put together. Enjoy!


Vehicle Name: Mi-17

3D Model Artist Name: msart@cgtrader.com

All Models in this modlet are subject to creative commons License.

No Models have been altered from the 'original creator' they are set up with an extra overlay texture and appropriate lighting in unity for 7 Days to Die game.

(ActiniumTiger and Ragsy)
Thank You To All Artists who post Free Assets for Modders to use in games.
Much appreciated!!!!


main pic3.png








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On 2/19/2021 at 1:51 PM, Gerarty said:

Hello ! 


I have to craft this helicopter or find it in the world ?

I don't find the recipe in the toolbench...


Thx for the informations ;)

Ok I took a look at it and it is craftable in the workbench as you can see in the screenshot. I'm betting the issue is how you are searching for it? Try typing AC_ and i bet it shows up for you. You will need grease monkey or the schematic to craft the parts though as currently they are not lootable. 


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