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Ryzen 7 2700


16Gb 3200mhz RAM

X470 Gigabyte Aurous Ultra Gaming

Game on an M.2 NVME SSD


So I was playing the game with some friends and everything was fine, then out of nowhere the FPS dropped down to like 35 and stayed there. I restarted my game and it was still like that. My CPU was sitting at like 35% usage and like 60 degrees, and my GPU was at like 25% usage and 50 degrees. And my RAM was at about 65% usage. So why is it doing this? Nothing is throttling or being maxed out in usage, it just doesn't make any sense to me. 

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The game also needs a lot of data transfer capablitiy. If you are hosting the game as well as playing it on that machine and maybe have some big mods installed as well you could possibly overpower your internal busses. This is just an idea, another would be that your savegame got corrupted and produced lots of errors that overwhelm the machine.


 You didn't post the logfile, so all anyone could do is guess. See the sticky thread

it tells you how to find and post the logfile. You can look into it yourself and for example check for errors or search for lines with "FPS:" in it, you might possibly find something there at the exact time when you saw the fps drop. Make sure to look at the logfile of that day, not necessarily the last one if you played again since then


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1 hour ago, SkinlesSpartan7 said:

Here is the pastebin link for the logfile: https://pastebin.com/guBGQ1VA

I have no idea how to read this

Your CPU is your primary bottleneck. It doesn't really support 144hz with a voxel title. On top of this, your display keeps changing the refresh rate from 144hz to 120hz. 


First lock the FPS in at 60. Then set the CPU affinity to use 4 physical cores, and none of the virtual cores. That generation of CPU has extremely poor hyperthreading support, and doing this has shown to have great improvements in performance with the client.

Lastly disable every video option with the word "Reflection". 


And ass Jugg stated, your mods are a real issue. You're missing quite a large list of prefabs there.


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I agree that turning off hyperthreading could help, not because hyperthreading is badly implemented but because hyperthreading doesn't work well with data-intensive applications.


And it doesn't help that the windows scheduler is always behind in supporting the special setup of AMD CPUs.


I don't think that you need to turn off physical cores on the CPU though and you could make it even worse if you turn off the wrong ones. Keep it at the 8 physical cores it has.


Limiting FPS to something below 100 and turning off hyperthreading should be your first steps, then reflection.


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Thanks for the replies, everyone. To answer @Beelzybub, yes I was having issues with FPS even playing solo. Though thankfully it seemed to be something weird going on with the game, because last time I played the FPS was back up to an average of about 95. This was after removing 2 of the 4 mods, the ones that added extra items, and that seems to have fixed it for now. 


It was just strange because this all originally happened in the middle of me playing, it was perfectly fine before that. I already had like 12 hours of playtime with those mods installed. Guess it was just some instability or something.

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