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TEXIMITY PvE Community Server [Whitelisted] [PHP Dashboard] [Dedicated] [Vanilla]

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Website: www.Teximity.com -- Server IP: -- Port: 7400



Teximity's 7 Days to Die server is a PvE community based server where players can either choose to survive on their own,

or survive within the walls of our Save Havens built around the map. We are a completely vanilla server and also

hosts a functional, completely custom coded PHP dashboard where many features lay.

Teximity ran under a different name back in 2018 and had an average player base of 20-30 online at a time. We're inspired to

grow the server further than it has ever reached before and plan to be around for quite a long time.


Website Features:

- Report system

- Plot claiming within the safe havens

- User profiles

- Whitelist applications

- Offline PM system (in dev)

- Marketplace (in dev)

- Friend system (in dev)

- Job System (in dev)

- And More!


Current News (as of 1/11/21)

- Currently in need of moderators, little to know experience, from varying time zones.

If interested, please see www.Teximity.com/join-the-team.php


General Server Info:

- 32 Player Slot

- Whitelisted

- Researched RWG seed

- Drop backpack only on death

- Land claim count of 4

- Land claim size of 9 (to fit the needs of the safe havens)

- 8k map size

- Interactive map (map.Teximity.com)



Discord: discord.gg/SYwnXUgbX7

Server Application: www.Teximity.com

Server Map: map.Teximity.com

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