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7D2D Mod Launcher Guide: Overhaul Instructions & Unnecessarily Beautiful But Immersive Install


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7D2D Mod Launcher Guide: Overhaul Instructions & UBBI Install

Launcher Designed By Sphereii, Tutorial Created By Ztensity





After discovering 7 Days to Die last November, I quickly began diving into playing the game with mods. I first began discovering mods on Nexus, but over time I eventually learned about Guppy's Discord channel and Sphereii's 7D2D mod launcher. After learning how to play with these mods through Nexus, the launcher and the 7 Days to Die forums, I surprisingly began to create my own mods like the Creature Renaming series, my first major modlet Unnecessarily Beautiful But Immersive (UBBI) and just released modlets on the launcher titled Custom Perks UI Renaming and a standalone, alternate and compatibility version of UBBI designed for Gnamod.


While Nexus and Vortex are a powerful tool for the modding community for a multitude of video games like Skyrim, Subnautica, The Wither, Monster Hunter: World, Dark Souls and Stardew Valley amongst so many others, Sphereii created the 7D2D mod launcher because Vortex didn't work properly with 7 Days to Die mods properly. To this end, he created a website to go alongside the launcher along with a few frequently asked questions.


Now, I've created a guide which provides steps on how to install the 7D2D mod launcher, how to manage/install modlets through the launcher, how to install overhauls like Gnamod, Ravenhearst and War3zuk, and how to install a modlet into an overhaul's "mods" folder post install (like my modlet - UBBI).



Download my guide here: 7 Days to Die Mod Launcher Tutorial





Shout Outs: I want to say thank you to Sphereii for his hard work in creating the mod launcher, the backbone for the how to's etc. Without him, none of this would be a reality!





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