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Where are the stack sizes for frames located?


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OK, I imagine this is a stupid question, but I'm stumped.


Where are the stack sizes specified for things like wood frames or rebar frames? I looked in items.xml and in blocks.xml but I can't find them anywhere.


For most things (like small stones) it's in items.xml and the relevant items have a "Stacknumber" property. But I can't find any items that refer to frames, and the blocks (like the "woodFrameBlockVariantHelper" block) don't have this property. Neither do the "master" blocks (like "woodFrameMaster").


I must be overlooking something incredibly trivial. Does anyone know?


As background - I'm working on a modlet that slows down building, and I'd like to drastically reduce the stack sizes of all types of frames.

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15 hours ago, Telric said:

Its in blocks.xml. if a block doesnt have the property, it defaults to a stacknumber of 500. The powered turrets have the property and are set to a sn of 10.


Oh, I didn't even consider a default of 500. That makes sense. Thanks!

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