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Local and global chat in game.

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Hey, I play 7 days with a pretty big group and when we split to do things in groups it gets super chaotic at times. So i am hoping we can get an update where there is in game local chat for those that are near each other. But also a global version so can talk to everyone on the server for certain things. 

If anyone knows of a mod for this it would be much appriciated if you could share as we are struggling as a group, esp as one person streams. 

Thank you. 

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I never used the internal chat. For years I have been using teamspeak for stuff like this. And recently also mumble which is an open source alternative. I hear discord is popular as well for general team communication (but discord is the usual "we can spy on you, do anything with your private communication and it even belongs to us. Just do it, usually it won't matter. <evil snicker>").


The reason I'm listing all these alternatives is that at least the first two have the advantage of multiple channels you can switch to. It may be a little less comfortable since you probably need to alt-tab out of the game for a moment to switch between the channels (if you don't have two monitors), but it should work quite well apart from that. And you can still use the game internal text chat as a low-tech global channel while you are split into different voice channels


I don't think you can hope for a mod to do this before the game is out of EA, if at all possible it would need serious programming effort. And I don't think TFP is doing anything with the internal chat as it works well enough, they have lots of other fish to fry before release and it isn't even clear how many really use the internal voice chat.



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3 hours ago, meganoth said:

For years I have been using teamspeak for stuff like this.

Huh, i didn't answer this, because with just "chat" i think of text, not voice. And not everybody wants to use voice chat during playing (all the time).


But we also use teamspeak and divide up into different channels when splitting up. However this is somehow anoying, because you can't switch fast between channels (perhaps possible to bind channels to hotkeys in teamspeak?).


51 minutes ago, 7d2dMP said:

In game chat, hit the "up" or "down" key. You will see color changing. There are 3 modes : global, party and another one !

Hell let loose has an interesting voice chat system like this. One channel for leaders (only squad leaders and commander), squad chat and local, while local also reduces volume by distance so you might hear something far away only silent but the one standing next to you normally. Of course such a system will interfere with voice-activation or always-on. Because of that i'm using hotkeys in teamspeak that disable teamspeak microfone if i want to talk to other ingame-channels (for a private squad we still prefer teamspeak, because it doesn't require push to talk).


Didn't know a similar system is included in 7D2D.

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thier is a Arma 3 mod called Tfar which changes ingame voice chat while routing it through teamspeak also you can use discord as if you use the overlay you can quickly change channels and if you have permission in your discord channel move other members to diffrent channels

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