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Custom mod a random gen map

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Hello all,


i am new to this forum.


I have done quite a bit of research on maps topic...messed around with files a bit.


As of my understanding, in earlier versions the Splat3 file contained actually drawn roads. Now its still there ..has quite the size...but seems to be empty, or at least for me. I just open it and it seems blank.


What i am trying to do is edit a Random Gen map and create my own custom city.


Can anybody explain me how are the roads generated in A19.3 ?

i figured biome painting

placing POI

but i just donțt see the roads in the generated file.


Any input is appreciated.


Thank you all.

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The png files is a regular picture but the alpha is set to 255 (so you don't see anything).

So change the alpha to 0 and the roads will be there.


Have a look at my "Map Previewier" in "Game modification / Tools" section.

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Hello 7d2dMP and thank you for reply.


i tried as suggested, but am encountering another issue. 


after i edit the splat file, it somehow messes with my biome file....because everything becomes concrete.


See what i mean ? ....


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For roads you have 3 colors, red for big roads, green for small roads and black for no roads.

You can only use theses 3 colors (with the exact RGB values)

After doing modifications you should also reset the alpha to 255 before saving in PNG (i don't know if it is needed)


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I managed to modify the file succesfully and got rid of that problem.


but for some reason the coordonate sistem is messed up. there are duplicate coordonates all over the map. Map is 12k . 


whenever i use TP ..... it spanws me badly. is that also related to splat3 file ?


i somehow seem to have broke the coordinates system with the roads


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I mean that i tried to TP to 3915 1396 which is crossroad intersection...and it TP somewhere else outside the road system. where it also sais its the same coordinate



i am pretty sure its a splat3 issue. ...i also checked the file here https://kui.github.io/7dtd-map/ and it seems messed up....it refuses to show me coordinates around where i drew the roads, As if the roads "picture" messes up the "big picture" .


i am figuring that the teleport does the same thing...always TP me outside the "roads picture"

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I am really confuse.

On the second picture (2 posts up)  under "Map" you have an arrow witch is your position on the map and at the right you have a 'target' which is the position of your mouse on the map.

Coord 0,0 is the center of the map, if your map is 12K, coords are from -6K to +6K (or 6K West/North to 6K East/South)

and on this picture, on top it is written 1396 S and under 1396 N, so it is not the same coords !


If you still have problem, try to send me your map.

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You need to remove the alpha channel, then copy it out of gimp and into paint.net. Make sure you delete the splat processed files every time. once in paint.net you can edit roads, but its 'dirty' ie, the world is in grey scale, make your edits, making sure to delete the processed files every time. when you are finished, use the splat fixer tool included with nitro and it will replace the alpha channel.

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