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Darkness Falls 99% memory usage


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When i run 7D2D normally it uses about 5-6 gigs  of memory (I have 16 gigs). I tried Darkness Falls on a medium map but it was using 14 gigs  plus of memory until it crashed my system.

I have dropped the textures to half and other setting to low or off in some case, but it still uses 11-12G on a medium map when it runs.

I have tried the small map at half settings and that still uses 11 gigs.

I'm not using nitro ,

No other mods,

Page file size is 32 gig.

i have install the mods as per the instructions.

i have deleted all save games,

deleted and and reinstalled the mod with a fresh setup,

No change. I have looked around but i can't find any solution. any help would be great.


sorry i just realised i posted it in the wrong section but i cant find a way to delete the post , reposted in darkness falls thread

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