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2 x 2 PvP Hunted Playthrough

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Hi there, I'm looking to see if there's anyone (or a group of people) primarily in UK/Europe (only due to timezone, but open to all other) who would be interesting in joining me and a friend in a 2 x 2 PvP play through (idea taken from PartiallyRoyal paythrough series on YouTube).  Finals rules can be tweaked but idea being that there are two teams of two (or three teams of two if there is enough interest) who are hunting each other in a 4k RGW vanilla map.  Rules as follows:

*  Each team would have 6 lives (ie, three each) - only way to lose a life is by human
*  If you die to zombies no life lost but you need to share the coords that you died at before moving from your respawn spot to retrieve backpack 
*  No bikes/vehicles allowed 
*  No scopes bigger than x2
*  No use of hunter mod
*  No land claims 
*  Go on a discord call between 2200 until 0400 to try and find out/give dis-information on location!!

*  Loot respawn every 3 days


If your interested and able to play for a few hours over a few consecutive weekends (perhaps 2/3 hours on Sat and Sun) to move the game along, please let me know.

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