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What xml file are perk descriptions located in?

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Hey there, I am trying to edit the text that is displayed on perks.

For example, I want to change Archery Rank 1's long description. In "progression.xml" I see the line:

<effect_description level="1" desc_key="perkArcheryRank1Desc" long_desc_key="perkArcheryRank1LongDesc"/>

If i change "long_desc_key="perkArcheryRank1LongDesc"/>" to something like "long_desc_key="Hello World"/>", that will display "Hello World" if you hover over that perk. But what I'm trying to find is where exactly "perkArcheryRank1LongDesc" is set at.



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Thank you! I tried that before, and it didnt seem to work. perhaps I forgot to actually save the TXT file, because I just now tried again and it works.


I'm also watching Flexible Game's "7 Days to Die Tutorial: Making A Mod" video to learn how to access data without modifying the default files.


I made a new mod folder (7 Days To Die\mods\test\Config) and using this to access and change the Archery Rank 1's long description:

	<set xpath="/progression/perks/perk[@name='perkArchery']/effect_group/effect_description[@level='1']/@long_desc_key">Hello World</set>


Had to try a few times in getting the line right, but it works now : )

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