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And I'm back, with my second public modlet release. This time, it's a bunch of working items for your base, based on existing vanilla items so everything is server-side only.


Working Oven


Build yourself a working wall oven which functions the same as a campfire, with a slightly lower heatmap footprint. This is unlocked by the Master Chef perk.


Working Faucets (or taps, if you like)


Using an existing brass or household faucet, which you can either forge, or steal from a house, you can craft a working version which will allow you to fill jars and buckets in the comfort of your own survival fortress / cosy homestead. These are unlocked by the Advanced Engineering perk.


Working Lamps and Lights


Adds a new variant block to allow placing a number of lamps usually only available in "POI" form. These working versions require power, and they can be turned on and off like the vanilla player craftable lights.


In keeping this server-side only, I've been unable to modify the models for these and as a result, the wire connection point for most of the lights is in the centre of the block, which looks a bit awful for most of them. To work around this, I've included a wireless wire relay. Any cables to and from this relay are invisible.


The lights and wireless relay are unlocked by the Advanced Engineering perk, and also by the Basics of Electricity schematic.



I'm always keen to develop and tweak my mods, so if there's anything you think should be changed or added, let me know!


And, now there's a download link included! Download here









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updated download link (see edit history)
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3 hours ago, saminal said:

Updated 26/01/2021


Added Working Gas Grill and Working Charcoal Grill

Added 10 more lights to the Working Lamps and Lights

These are some really decent additions @saminal because they add real Quality of Life features that were not functional even within creative mode. I know somebody @Ti2xGr who has been very interested in the Trader Open sign for the longest time. The working gas grill is going to really get a really good glaze and colour on the meat as well rather than just a gentle saute. Quality.

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I play in a variety of servers from pure Vanilla, gently/semi modded such as @saminal's own selection as they are within my area and give decent ping, and full on modded/overhaul servers such as @Catman's ZombieShack. The server setup and the communities are certainly what make it.


My own server also runs a number of mods that @oakraven has really put some time into along with multiple Quality of Life mods such as increased backpack, forge expansion, stacking, vehicle respawn, and the like. The deco element has really been lacking and I have to go into creative mode to enhance that. And now we have the lights. :)


I just started a new World map using CP47 on 6K NitroGen (CP47 is also good with RWG these days and can remain only server side albeit POIs loading dynamically with distance for clients who haven't installed the POI pack) with all sorts of mods in the mix on the latest 19.4 experimental build to check mod compatibility. I like to build a protected Safehouse with Trader protection boundaries where players can sit out a Blood Moon but still watch the action (as a Blood Moon battle box is often close by). This is the start of a Safehouse using the new deco lighting and some internal features.


Just completed filling up a glass jar by right clicking on the faucet. Gotta love the ease of that.



Testing the lumens as lights can sometimes be a touch overpowering. Without any headlight, it's comfortable beyond a little glare by the Wireless fuse box.



Working wall ovens have been a feature in a number of mods, but with the combination of the working faucet and wireless fuse box, this mod version takes precedence as they are bundled into one. @Ti2xGr typically turns off the need to use any wood at all and it gives that nice gas effect which is a compromise to not having the electric version. With there being a skill requirement to unlock this oven, this additional modification can be justified. ;)



And naturally, working lights can be toggled.



I wanted to check the lights for performance with a combination of static and dynamic lights as that can really put the load on clients. Here is @oakraven's drone flying around the Safehouse but I am crouching in Stealth mode and giving no reason for attack. 3 external lights plus the Trader Open sign and lighting from inside as well and all feels very comfortable.



As it got darker, I turned on FPS to see how my mid range GPU would cope at a pretty standard 1920 x 1080.


A simple drone fly past gives 70+ FPS



And a more intense addition of a dynamic Turret Auger with light attachment rotating, dynamic fly past of the drone with lighting, outdoor standing lighting, the static Trader and 3 external lights, as well as internal light spilling outside still gives a very comfortable 60+ FPS. This area will not see any battles and viewing battles from the window will only have static light sources.



All in all, this is a super addition for a server and doesn't appear to put major load on a client as long as they are not too heavily mixed into areas of intense bursts of action and the rendering demand that will require. Yep, a very decent mod, thank you.

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On 2/6/2021 at 8:39 AM, _Spartacus said:

i pasted the 2 files to the mod folder but its not working


1 hour ago, cereza1985 said:

I did the exactly the same thing and its not working on my server.


Hey guys


I'm happy to help out getting these working, but I might need a little more info. It sounds like you've put the ModInfo.xml and Configs straight into the Mods folder? This file and folder should go into a single SWorkingStuff folder immediately in the Mods directory. If that's what you've done and you still can't get it to work, let me know.

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3 minutes ago, saminal said:




Hey guys


I'm happy to help out getting these working, but I might need a little more info. It sounds like you've put the ModInfo.xml and Configs straight into the Mods folder? This file and folder should go into a single SWorkingStuff folder immediately in the Mods directory. If that's what you've done and you still can't get it to work, let me know.

You did help me on discord, this is Kristofer. :)

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