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Suggestion: Block versions of constructible vehicles

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Block versions of constructible vehicles would make it easier to balance vehicle salvage and loot, much less add extra utility to small pois or garages etc.

Some suggestions:

Bicycle/Minibike/Motorbike = Standing, fallen or crashed. Pre and Post apocalypse versions (spikes). Good to add to wilderness pois with no road and to garages etc

Gyrocopter = Burned or crashed helicopters/planes on rooftops or smashed into homes/fields.

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I dont see why its an issue? Most parts and components needed to build the vehicles are incredibly easy to find and salvage. Springs, Pipes, Leather, Duct Tape are widely available, not only in car wrecks themselves but also in furniture and trash.


As for specific parts directly related to motor vehicles, such as Engines, Batteries, Headlights, you directly get them from wrecks and yes, even in garages. In the largest Pass N Gas POI, you have at least 4 cars, one car engine inside the dual door garage that gives an Engine 100% of the time.


What exactly is the problem here?

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For decoration value I like the idea of crashed versions of the vehicles we can craft being findable out in the world. They can give as harvest more of the same types of mats that you already find so nothing that would make any difference balance-wise.


Seeing a gyrocopter wrecked into the side of a building that wasn't a result of my flying would be cool for once... ;) 

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