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are they making a Conan movie next door to the crack a book tower?

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I very VERY carefully creep up out of the hole and shoot the first one I saw and then the next one and then the next one and then the next one and I looked at my left and there's two more I look to my right and there's another one next to the spider zombie.


Shot the buzzard first. Then I found a few more.


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20 hours ago, warmer said:

I think I need a screenshot to properly help me understand what you were going through...

I think there might have been six buzzards on the roof. there was at least two to the left of me and two to the right of me just as you come out of that hole in the roof. There was one or two more perched just behind the two flanking buzzards and then was some more just to the right of the stairs that took you to the helicopter area.

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