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Outback Decay - AU/NZ customised PVE servers


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Australian hosted, actively managed PVE servers.

We host three public PVE servers aimed at different play styles:


Outback Decay - AU PVE

Our original server, aimed at being accessible to new players but still entertaining for those with experience.

Mods include:

  • Working versions of POI lights, an oven and faucets
  • Recipes for deco blocks usually only available in Creative Menu
  • Extended block variants that allow heaps more shapes
  • Tweaks to the AutoShotgun, Ratchet and Impact Driver
  • Steel Electric Fences with higher durability
  • "Aussification" - in game text replaced with an Australian touch, and customised POIs
  • and more..


Outback Decay - Russell Coight Edition

Everything in the original server, plus:

  • Many more zombies, and larger wandering hordes
  • "All Aussie" mode - enable Permadeath if you want a real challenge


Outback Decay - Builder Edition

An easier server, with some tweaks aimed at big builders:

  • Mining and tree-felling harvest boosted 10x
  • Crafting time reduced 10x
  • A custom starter questline that provides schematics for some essentials, including the crucible (and a few bonus skill points for completing it)


Any questions, come join us on the Discord and say hi! https://discord.gg/mBJwEw4kj8



Important note:


The original server and the Russell Coight Edition have both been running for several hundred days. Don't let this scare you! A player's experience is based on their own lifetime, not the game day of the server. If you join on day 700, the zombies you encounter and the horde nights you face will be the same as if you'd joined on day 2.

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Here's my current project on the Builder Edition. The base is 100m x 100m, and all of the resources to construct it were mined, crafted and forged - no creative menu or debug mode. When I fell off one of the scaffolds, it hurt. 


It's also a great place for people who like flipping POIs - on this server there's no restriction on land claims covering POIs, and there are plenty of deco blocks and working versions of POI lights available in the crafting menu.







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Fresh Wipe - Outback Decay - Glenn Robbins Edition


Hey all


Starting from today, we have decided to refresh our original Outback Decay server once a month, with a new map and a new save. For those who enjoy the early game most of all, and like to compete with other players from day 1, you'll have a month to show everyone what you can do.


Also added as part of this wipe are the new Shock Grenades, Concussion Grenades and Shock Arrows from my latest modlet!




Outback Decay: Where the bloody hell are ya?

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Over on the Outback Decay Builder Edition, we've had a bunch of players get together to build a town. We're building houses, shops, and we've even got a pool under construction.

All of the buildings are done without creative mode - building blocks and decorations all need to be crafted manually!



















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