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Requesting Passenger on Minibike in Darkness Falls For Disabled Friend who cant properly Drive (hand problems)


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Title says it all really, Have a Close friend I play with that cant even use WASD (how she plays at all is a Miracle) She cant really Operate the Vehicles, so i need to Carry Her along with me on the Vehicles. I Looked for a past mod i remember that had passengers on the minibike to try to copy some of the XML over, but i cant find it. Its not good that she cant travel and is stuck around the base.

We are Playing Darkness Falls V3.3 aka Latest Version.

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I found this one for a18.  The mod looks simple enough, so it might work in a19 or be easier to figure out how?

highope - "All Vehicles Extra Seats"


Here's a link to the authors mod page on these forums here


Obviously, you might want to edit it if you just want the minibike, or DF collides with it

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