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10x increased zombie spawning 19.3 (b6)


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This is a simple mod. I have edited the spawning xml file. Where the spawning file is used we should see 10 times the number of zombies. It appears to affect ambient zombie amounts, roaming hordes and blood moon hordes. POIs seem unaffected. Animal spawns are unchanged. I have played/tested to day 18 without crash or issue so it should be all good, though this is my first attempt at modding.


To install, download the file. Replace the file spawning.xml in the config folder ( for me that is   C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\7 Days To Die\Data\Config  ).   I suggest saving a copy of the orignal spawning.xml file as a backup.


I recommend setting AI block damage to 25%.


If there is sufficient interest I can upload the other two files I made for 3 times and 30 times spawn, though 10 times was the sweet spot for me.


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Hey! Welcome to modding!


That's a functional mod, good work on that! But I agree with the other commenter, you should make this a modlet instead of directly editing the game files. :)

Here's a great tutorial that will help you out here:

XPath Modding Explanation Thread - Tutorials & Guides - 7 Days to Die


Also, join us in the modding discord:


Plenty of people to help you as you learn, glad to have you around. 

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Thanks for the MOD, feeder942. Could you do the same only as upgraded to the A20 that's there now? I really need something more HARDCORE, you know? Too many deaths for them and for me. That's fun. Thanks again and an excellent life.


PS: If you're going to release an update, let me know first. Grateful!  ^_^

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