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Blended Biome stamps

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I have a question regarding random gen. We have snow burnt pine desert and waste,
but voronoi does not blend the landscape. It separates them into puzzle pieces.


Can a biome stamp be added for blends?


I have created a blended terrain map. Using the 5 solid biomes plus the blends adds
up to the equivalent of 25 landscape visuals without adding anymore biomes. I also
chose a singular lighting so that there is not an abrupt change. The major differences
are the terrain decor, and particle emission.


I mean at the borders of two biomes, I will use pine_forest and snow as examples.
I have snow, then Snow forest, then forest snow, then forest. The visual result is full
snow biome decor then 2 phases of forest decor added gradually becoming more forest until
it is a full forest render. On the slopes it takes advantage of the microsplat overlays
without any additional programming. I did it by creating a stamp at 700 magnification.


I will release the modded terrain for a walk around as soon as complete, but when I saw it
I realized that it was taking advantage of the preset rules in vanilla, microsplat, and natural
terrain blending with no additional programming it was just a border stamp.


I'm still experimenting to get the right amount of lighting and fog for me but here are some
examples of what the stamps are capable of.



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