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E button in gyrocopter.....

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On 1/5/2021 at 9:16 PM, Bolliz said:

Look here 7 days to die fun pimps dudes...im tired okey, just tired...


Not using caps in this post to appear serious....just, I cant take any more gyrochopper accidents...no more...


Atm I have a @%$# long trek to my lootbag just because I accidentally pressed E button mid air, its the @%$#ing seventh or eight time this week alone...


I just cant take this anymore, its getting to @%$#ing annoying....


Change the mapping for E button in gyrochopper, okey...do it


Put ur best man on it...make him work overtime, weekends...just..



Maybe don’t push E next time? Every survival game I’ve played always use E to exit as well as major games like battlefield. And yes if you hit it in mid air you will fall do your death lol...


if you don’t like it change it. No need to act like you are 4 years old when every game works like this lol

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Cough "jetpack" cough

To the op. I've been on tilt like this too about them damn buzzards. They did something about them they're not as bad as they were. Go to keyboard mapping and change the e key to something else.

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