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Copper and Bronze Ages


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 If the Devs wanted to extend the primitive ages a little further, the Copper and Bronze ages could be introduced with the mining of Copper and Tin, with Zinc added in as well. Tools and Weapons could be made from Copper and then Bronze Ingots after both Copper and Tin are smelted together. 


 You could then have a line of books where secondary products are made from these materials, such as Batteries from Zinc, Cans from Tin, Electronic Parts from Copper (and Scrap Plastic), and then the end of series book collection reward is the ability to create Brass from Zinc and Copper. 

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8 hours ago, Maharin said:

My brain is telling me something like that used to be in game (mined copper + mined tin = bronze).  But then I've played so many games like this that I'm not sure if that is really true.

It was probably a mod. In Vanilla there is neither copper nor zinc or tin as a resource.

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